Who are we?

You may never have heard of the Western Riverside Waste Authority yet we provide a vital service to you and your neighbours every single day of the year.

We’re a public organisation that handles the waste and recycling collected by four south west London boroughs: Hammersmith and Fulham, Kensington and Chelsea, Lambeth and Wandsworth.

If ever you’ve visited the Smugglers Way Household Waste and Recycling Centre or the large DiY store nearby, you will have seen a large red building on the banks of the River Thames. That’s us! Or more specifically; our state-of-the-art recycling centre. All of your recycling and waste ends up here where it is separated further, baled into different materials before being sent on to various processors across the country. Anything that cannot be recycled is put into containers and barged to Belvedere, near Bexley where it is used as a fuel to generate electricity for over 80,000 homes.

It’s a highly efficient partnership that starts with you!

  • You separate your waste into recycling
  • Your local Council collects these materials
  • They deliver to us
  • We separate further and arrange onward processing

For more information about Western Riverside Waste Authority, please visit our website.

One of two giant cranes used to lift containers of non-recyclable waste onto barges when it will be shipped to Belevdere near Bexley to be used to generate electrcity.

Inside the Materials Recycling Faclity at Wandsworth. The equipment sorts, screens and separates materials for recycling.

Bales of drinks cans ready to be reprocessed. In as little as four weeks, these could be back on supermarket shelves as new cans!