Compost Bins

There’s one just right for you!

There’s many different makes, styles and types of compost bin available and most are usually stocked by garden centres, DIY Stores and on-line retailers. Whatever the size of your home; even if you don’t have a garden, there’s a bin for you. Here’s a list of the most common types:

The standard composting bin

Normally made from recycled plastic, these are the most common type of composting bin. Simply position where you want and start composting. These types of bins can only compost garden waste and left over veg.

The Green Johanna

Similar to the standard compost bin but able to compost all types of organic waste including all left-over foods including meat and fish. A third is buried in the ground an a mesh allows worms to get stuck in and speed up the natural decomposition whilst keeping vermin and pongs at bay!

The Composter Tumbler Ball

Ideal for small gardens, able to compost both garden and kitchen waste. Just add the waste and give it a roll every now and then.

Bokashi Bin

No garden? No problem. Bokashi Bins sit under the sink or in a cupboard. In these you can tip any left over foods. Add in some special ‘Bokashi Bran’ and the contents create a highly nutrient rich fertilizer liquid you can use in your houseplants.

Make one yourself

Why not have a go at making your own compost bin. It’s cheap and easy – also a great project to get the kids involved with too. Plenty of tutorials online, this is one of our favourites: